What is PRINCE2 Agile®?

This page is about PRINCE2 Agile, which is a concept described by AXELOS (the owner of PRINCE2) in a publication with the same name (ISBN: 0113314671). If you’re looking for information about PRINCE2 itself, check out this article: what is PRINCE2?

Is PRINCE2 compatible with Agile methods?

Some Agile practitioners consider PRINCE2 as a “waterfall” methodology, but there are two main arguments against that:

The official opinion of AXELOS is that PRINCE2 is neutral to the delivery approach, and can be used in both environments.

Besides the arguments mentioned above, there are other concerns about this approach as well.

How does it work?

The PRINCE2 Agile manual describes how PRINCE2 can be tailored to work in Agile environments. On one hand, it goes through all the PRINCE2 elements, such as roles and responsibilities, processes, themes, and artifacts, and explains how those things will be tailored and what the main concerns are, and on the other hand, introduces a few techniques or concepts that can be used in such environments (such as the Agilometer) to help implement the methodology.

The overall idea is that PRINCE2 would work on a layer above the Agile system such as Scrum, to provide a stronger management approach and a more holistic perspective.


The following are the certification programs for PRINCE2 Agile:

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